Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sorry for the Hiatus..even though it may happen again. I do this for therapy more than the following...

Time to vent!:

I hope that one of these days somebody that is MORE INTELLIGENT and MORE POWERFUL than myself reads this damn post and with all it's sincerity takes notes on my 2cents on what's wrong with us, with 2011 and for the foreseeable future and DOES SOMETHING.

When I was growing up (which is not that damn long ago and yet seems like 150 years ago; since everything keeps changing at a pace that gets faster and faster) I, not only had my parents raising me; I also had the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD...

When the sun was going down somebody's mama was screaming at us "Take ya butt back home you see it's getting DARK!"(YES! back when kids actually wanted to play outside),

I had my teachers, I had more than a few teachers along the way that wholeheartedly loved me and truly cared about my growth & and intelligence: Mrs Johnston, Ms Smith, Mr. Latimer, Mrs Carr, My Art Teacher at OPC & I truly Thank You! xoxo,

Television (Cosby Show-made me think being an attorney was obtainable and normal, Different World-Made me want to attend college, Facts Of Life, Different Strokes, Family Matters-Always solved their problems in 30 minutes and showed a model family that we loved; even if we were nowhere close to that at home, Good Times-I learned how family stick together etc) ,

Music (I grew up in the best genre of r&b soul: Keith Sweat, Jodeci, Guy, Mary, Anita, Sade, Surface, Ready For The World and it's no coincidence that love really existed in abundance.)

I hate the fact that alot of neighborhoods no longer go trick-or-treating door to door because we NO LONGER trust our neighbor!?

I hate that the sense of "Community" no longer exists.

We are damn near killing ourselves over cars (that depreciates as soon as you pull off the lot), jewelry (that eventually looks dated), material goods that only can serve a temporary gratification that will bring you no lasting emotions & yet that is what most people are worried about!...

...when MORALS, VALUES, PRIDE & HONOR are instilled correctly, they will be used for a lifetime and may be passed down from generation to generation. Those characters contribute to having a peaceful society if we would

A.) QUIT putting materials goods up on pedestal. I know it's easier said than done and I am human and may fall victim to certain things but overall I am overtly aware of what I will NOT do.
B.) MORAL totally matters!!! People choose your partner WISELY. If you pick them based on their outer appearance that is the equivalence of going to the "Hood Mall" for a quick fit. It may look nice for a night but in time, it will soon fall apart. Men if you choose to skeet in a "Fast" girl don't get mad at her when she has your baby and continues to drop the child at whom ever's house, uses the child against you ....don't try and wonder why the child emotionally imbalanced....
C.) INTEGRITY <--where the hell did it go?!!

I swear I could go on and on...but in a nutshell in order for us to live in a better place..we need to be aware that everything u do.. can and will effect us tomorrow...and since the village (the human obligation in others) raising your child is diminishing we must work harder. Let us pray.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Confession

So I started writing for a stress relief. My therapy...In the beginning, I told a few friends to check it out to see if there were any others... Honestly, I am sick & tired of the same ol' BS that we subconsciously flood our brains with..I then realized the void of positive information that related to us. I now vow to only post stories that make you think, make you reminisce, make you laugh or make you smile..As I search I find that good positive news is truly hard to find but I refuse to fall into the category of the others. I am trying to post everyday (i stress the word TRYING) and think I am getting better (work with me now! ;) ) I know my shit ain't as advanced, no 3D over here just simple words (and a few cuss words I gotta be me!) that I hope inspire you one way or another. Leave a comment or two...Get your word VOMIT out too.

Remember Blubber love you xoxo.

PS if you have personal question LOL address them on FB with a Face. I swear its hard to be positive but that's ALL thats gonna be on here..Ya'll actually make me laugh.... that "The Miserable" want me apart of their crew. But I REFUSE. No can DO.

Can It Be That It Was All So Simple Then?

In this technology driven world it's the little things I desperately miss...Does talking exist anymore?! I got friends that literally have a relationship based on texting! I am almost convinced that high school relationships (if you were in high school before 1999) were more intimate than they are now..I will explain:

  • In school you spent hours talking and getting to really know the people around you. I can still hear my mama picking up the phone cussing me out "do you know what time it is?! Get your ass off this phone right now!" Texting was maybe 3 words on your beeper! (304, cant remember the one for i love u LOL)
  • You knew the person's background, probably their family, their ex's
  • You went on dates the movies the mall the park just to enjoy each other
  • You snuck out (if you were naughty like me) just to be close to the person
  • You were satisfied by just them (their popularity might have been a factor but not really) not if they paid bills, bought you things it was just them. it was new, fresh and was a simple love.

Remember when you got the new Jordans and couldn't wait to get to school or the first day of school and couldn't get to sleep excited about the possiblities?
Remember when you got their phone number and was satisfied for the week damn near the month with a big ol' grin?
Remember when you were excited when they passed you a note?
Remember that FEELING??? That FEELING is what I miss the most. Bring it back!!!!

I even miss reading my year book with the infamous:
Pimpin Long
Pimpin Strong
So Long (Baby if they cared Bitch if they was funny) I'm gone! LOL

Why does this have to be a stroll down memory lane. Why do we replace real intimacy for the frivolous shit? (I am guilt as charged too) I am ready to say enough with that shit! Let us get back to the basics. I vow to try... can you?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Can I Get An Amen?

So of course lately in the news we are seeing religious figures in the headlines not because of their good deeds but because they've been on there knees..literally. Even though they are leaders and men of the robe we must remember they are human. Do NOT follow these men follow the word..Let's also get a few things in perspective:

Church should never be a celebrity who's who (If it is I suggest you gets to steppin...don't walk run)

Money and God almost is like mixing oil with just don't mix

If your preacher only has "spiritual sons" you need to skate on skate on... What us girls don't need guidance? Shouldn't you have a big group instead of select individuals??

If your preacher stresses prosperity more than the good of the people and rubs it in your face over and over again ain't he just showing off? People, please stop believing "good luck" only involves MONEY.

Money truly is the root of all evil.. Repeat that over and over again.

If your preacher has a helicopter in his backyard, a rolls royce, flashy jewelry. That AIN'T God that's more similar to the devil. (think about the horns the red, the signs, the flash)

In all the artistic interpretations of God the one thing you do not see is ANY MATERIALISTIC RICHES. Remember, you do not get buried with any of that shit! I know plenty of Wealthy people that are not happy worth a damn. So please do NOT try to emulate your favorite artist, preacher, sports figure etc just appreciate they're talent. Let's us love and respect in this land so when that day comes we can truly say AMEN.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Technology Killing Us? Literally?

EMF danger - lotsa wires

I'm not even talking bout all the fucked up stories on the internet. I am talking about EMF and it's crazy how your average person doesn't even realize what Electromagnetic Fields mean (including myself until recently) and how they can affect us ALL! I know I am a computer junkie that has been sitting my lap top literally on my Lap and Thighs for over five years for atleast 3-5 hours a day..I do not have a home phone just a cell phone and due to my business I am constantly on the phone and I came across several publication after publication that explains the danger we aren't aware of. Please Please take the precautions and read:

Be careful with cell phones. It’s best not to use them at all. If you do need one, don’t have it close to your body, but in a handbag or so. Use an earphone and a BioPro to protect your brains. In your car, use a car system, if you can afford it.
People don’t realize, but children get cell phones at a younger and younger age.
Research in Sweden has shown that kids, who use cell phones double their chance of getting blastic types of brain tumors by the time they are 20.
In Russia they did a study on 150 thousand children. They found that children below 16 who use cell phones on a regular basis up to one hour a week, between 21 and 28 years old get a 37 times higher incidence of brain cancer.
The same is true for laptop 
computers. Never put them on your nap.
Children get ovarian and testicle cancer nowadays, because of laptop 
computers. Imagine, you stick a high power radioactive battery on your penis or vagina. What do you think is going to happen?
Wall sockets are similar. They radiate about 2 square feet. Place your bed in a save place, if possible.
We don´t realize, but 
electromagnetic fields are everywhere around us nowadays. Keep them away from your body as much as possible.
Realize that cell phones, Ipods, BlackBerrie’s and laptop 
computers take away all your contemplative time. You are constantly stimulated from the outside.

Please look into EMF computer shields..I am buying mine right NOW and I am buying an ear piece for my phone ASAP

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For My Real A-Town Folks

Can't find the video!!! so if you got the video send me the link!

For My "Real" ATL Folks The Hard Boys "Groupies" haaa!

All around the world with no occupations! and The Hard Boys Sample the track FIRST ;)

"Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover"

The ultimate "Fake It Til You Make It Car introducing the Chrysler with Phantom Kit! Key Operative word "KIT" LOL

Priorities: I can appreciate a person's beauty... but still I understand that that is just the outer appearance that has nothing to do with the substance at hand. 
Baking soda can look like cocaine but I'm sure a crackhead would be mad as hell if that's what they got with their purchase.
A beautiful house with mold, broken plumbing, tilted foundation and located smack damn in the ghetto will not gain u a return.
Just cause you put a Phantom kit on that Chrysler does NOT magically turn that damn car into a Rolls...YOU in a CHRYSLER big dawg. LOL
So my question to you is are you weighing your options correctly? Do you EVEN care about the substance?
If you date only because of the outer appearance you are just dragging along DEAD weight. (Unless you are Bill Gates and can afford to carry the load). Gentlemen, If you date a girl with ass-shots I hope she got a lasting career and brings some substance to the table (not just the substance in her ass) because you never know the health concerns later...Free flowing silicone in your bloodstream sounds like you need a great insurance policy...have fun with that. (Ladies, I am down for the surgery just do it the right way!! If you met a a gay guy that injects your ass in a hotel for $600...doesn't just reading that shit sound suspect!?)
Ladies, if a man got great wood and beautiful smile and no job and no assets and ain't in school please please don't try and turn it into something it will never amount to...Just appreciate it for what it is. a beautiful TREE and I hope you can swing from his branches but know in the end he is stuck. LOL
I read on someone's facebook that literally said "A woman that knows how to shut the F up will get wifed up with diamonds and pearls" and not only was I offended I felt sorry for him too. How could you want someone that brings nothing to the table but her looks? and I know he can't even afford diamonds and pearls haaa! I guess thats the difference between "Grown" and "Still Growing". To all my youngins refer back to this site when u off that similac I don't talk kid shit.
We need to resurrect what our mama's used to tell us "Don't Just A Book By It's Cover"


Monday, November 8, 2010

Blast From The Past... When Booty Shake Had a Message

Remember when ATL "Booty Shake" had a message LOL. "You Need To Do Something Positive With Your Life"

What Happened to The Yin & The Yang

So for the past few years, I have observed that the reason why everything is so F$cked up is all based on that YIN and that YANG or lack of the YANG. Meaning where's the balance?!!
For every sick murder reported in the news there's another sick heinous murder reported.  For every tranny story there's another fucking tranny story. For every bullshit rapper there's another bullshit rapper. For every teacher messing with kids it's another damn pedophile all up on my TV...ARGHHH!!! For every naked chick promoting her ass there's another naked chick doing a split. For every coke whore in Hollyweird there's another coke meth whore in Hollyweird. Where the hell is the positive story that balances us? What's really bad is I can keep going and going... Ok, since you insist...
I knew from the start of Flava of Love that we would be up shits creek sooner than later and hey we have arrived! (Flav if u reading this man, what happened to "Don't believe The Hype" & "It Take A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" u single handedly took us back!)
We need choices and a harmonious balance (feng shui baby) but if there's more negativity promoted guess what? There's more HATERS born everyday! I want to read and see the stories that inspire us by the boatload! Not 1 out of every 30! Are you with me?? I got to give it to the USA though, we have become equal opportunist meaning it ain't just racist Black negative stories it's across the board!! I see you Paris! I see you Lindsay! Hey Mel Gibson! Hello Jersey Shore?!!? Bad Girls Club?? (Need to call the show "BITCH, You need therapy") So here I vow to post news that will make you smile or at least utilize your brain cells to insure functionality.... Hell, i think "Blindside" was a good movie but it won every award because it made us realize we all have a heart buried under it all. I'm ready for that breathe of fresh air. I am suffocating over here..
So I propose a case study: If you have kids..go buy the whole Cosby series and mandate for every 2 hours of Cosby they get 1/2 hour of regular TV and for every 1 hour they play outside they get 30 minutes of video games..Hell, you may need to watch it too! and FYI I see why Bill Cosby is so angry! He did all those Jello commercials and "picture perfect" to give us a positive platform of family and values!
So let's start little by little and I betcha you will see a difference! If they don't give us a balance then we need to make one..matterfact mandate it!...I'm not giving up but remember.. Its hard to LOVE if all you see is HATE...
So go on and get all up in that Yin and that YANG!



Friday, November 5, 2010

The Glamorous Life

The 90's and early 2000's was a almost a fairy tale that unless you experienced it for yourself it almost doesn't sound believable. I lived it and it still feels like a dream! For a few years I thought money grew on trees (ahh the good old days!)...It was the era of BMF and The Glamorous life of Big Meech a dear friend that may have been a notorious drug dealer to you but a smart, giving and loyal friend to me. His idealistic of family were inconceivable, his giving nature to any and everyone could not be compared and I hate that they depict him as a violent individual.. granted in the US he was a drug dealer that DIDN'T pay taxes and you know Uncle Sam don't play that shit. Yes I understand I may get scrutinized for saying all this but I am referring to this man's heart. So today i want you to see the glamour... The reason why today no clubs in Atlanta or anywhere else seem fun.... To all the youngins you can have the "nightlife"...because I lived the "Glamorous Life".
Meech Birthday Meech of The Jungle so you know there had to be Tee Pees
Big Meech Everywhere
Did you have your name in a 16 foot custom light display at your party?
It's a jungle party must have tigers

An Elephant

Can forget the Monkeys

Meech and Ill

Baby Bleu (RIP) 

Fab knows what it is

Classic. The pic says it all.

Part two coming soon. Pics from BMF launch party....

Stranger In YOUR Bed..Who Fault is That?

Ladies, if U sleep with a man b4 he courts you..U are assisting in making this man a "SPORT F$CKER" (he's just putting #s on the scoreboard High FIVE!) or how I heard it on satellite radio yesterday "Thrusting Into An Anonymous HOLE"..Men If U sleep with a girl b4 U court her U are breeding a hoe and if she's "The Best You Ever Had" please believe she's had ALOT of practice. 

I noticed that these youngins today don't even know how to treat a girl.. I still have hope that Chivalry ain't dead maybe shot in the foot and on crutches but definitely not DEAD.

It's time to mold real intimacy when it's all said and done (I hope) you want someone that you can mentally grow with..So close your eyes and think of your significant other (If you got one) and visualize something that reminds you of her/him... if you think about he/she and all you think about is he/she's physical look (You ain't got INTIMACY you got a good fuck) If their scent, their actions, their personality, their smile, their laugh, the way they rub your back, the way they calm you, does not come to mind stop in your tracks and remind yourself you can't turn a good lay into anything but some great PLAY. Have FUN then RUN!

It's crazy how people will sleep with a person & not know their real name. You won't let a stranger in your house but U will let a stranger in between your legs? 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Really Matters

Wow even this story impresses me! They don't make them like this anymore! I'm hearing Mary J "Real Love" while reading this story:
A retired Canadian couple who won $11.3 million in the lottery in July have already given it (almost) all away.
"What you've never had, you never miss," 78-year-old Violet Large explained to a local reporter.
She was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer when the couple realized they'd won the jackpot in July.
"That money that we won was nothing," her tearful husband, Allen, told Patricia Brooks Arenburg ofthe Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald. "We have each other."
The money was a "headache," they told the paper--mainly, it brought anxiety over the prospect that "crooked people" might take advantage of them. Several people called them out of the blue to ask for money when the news first broke that they'd won the jackpot. So they began an $11 million donation spree to get rid of it and help others, the Chronicle Herald reports:
They took care of family first and then began delivering donations to the two pages' worth of groups they had decided on, including the local fire department, churches, cemeteries, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, hospitals in Truro and Halifax, where Violet underwent her cancer treatment, and organizations that fight cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes. The list goes on and on.
Violet told the Canadian Press that they retained about 2 percent of the money for a rainy day.
"It made us feel good," Violet told the Chronicle Herald. "And there's so much good being done with that money."
The Nova Scotia couple have been married more than 35 years and quietly saved up the money that Allen made as a welder and Violet made in retail before retiring.
"We haven't spent one cent on ourselves because we've been too busy getting everything looked after and with my health, I have to wait to get my health back to get the energy to do anything," Violet told the National Post. "We're not travelers anyway. We live in the country and we're proud of it. Money can't buy you health or happiness."
Now their neighborhood is abuzz over their good deeds.
"People who know them just know that's the type of people they are—they're just happy to have each other," local restaurant owner Lori Hingley told the Canadian Press.
The prize was in Canada dollars (roughly equal to U.S. dollars at current exchange rates).
(Photo of Allen and Violet Large: Harry Sullivan/Truro Daily News)